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Welcoming Neighborhoods

The communities in the Greater Wichita region feature varied, diverse neighborhoods offering the ability to choose among many styles, 大小, 设施, 和生活方式. 开始搜索, use this page as an introduction to some of the most popular areas within the Greater Wichita region. This list is only a glimpse at the beautiful neighborhoods in the 10-county region.


With residential 选项 including minimal studios, 豪华的公寓, 仓库阁楼, and family-style 公寓, life downtown offers easy access to the best of everything the region has to offer. First-ring neighborhoods surrounding downtown, such as the Delano neighborhood and the Douglas Design District, are quickly becoming extensions of the core.


A lush neighborhood surrounded by sprawling parks and mature trees sits along the Arkansas River. It’s full of bungalows, cottages, and Victorian-style homes with an unmatched sense of community. Enjoy local coffee 商店, a cold-pressed juice or acai smoothie bowl, and discover unique animals at 河畔 Park’s miniature zoo.


大学的山 is a charming, historic neighborhood with distinct 20th century-style homes brimming with old world charm and lined with brick roads. Residents can take advantage of the free Q-Line trolley on weekday evenings and the weekends for quick trips to local cuisine, 商店, 音乐, 和更多的.


East of Hillside Street, you will discover charismatic neighborhoods established in the first half of the 20th century. Eastborough is one such neighborhood with an intimate setting and large-scale homes nestled between two of Wichita’s major shopping districts.


东方威奇托 is experiencing rapid growth, with new homes under construction alongside shopping and business districts. 在那里, you’ll find both tastefully updated older houses and elegant estates in some of the area's most exclusive neighborhoods.


Many of Wichita's new apartment complexes are located in the north side, offering optimal access to the city's north industrial market at an affordable price. Countless small 企业 and a rich tapestry of arts and culture are also represented in the area.


Development is thriving in northeast Wichita. Most buildings in this area are less than ten years old, providing new shopping, 餐厅, and entertainment 选项. Substantial acreage is still available for new homes, including on one of several renowned golf courses.


The northwest sector is currently the fastest growing part of the city, booming with shopping plazas, 餐厅, 企业, 和新房子. Existing properties range from master-planned communities to lake-side condominiums.


西威奇托 offers quiet suburban living coupled with close proximity to the 设施 and luxuries of the northwest part of the city. This area is full of well-established neighborhoods with grand trees and accessible ponds.


This area features affordable homes alongside new developments. Though quiet, it has its own unique mix of successful 商店 and 餐厅. Close to some of Wichita’s largest manufacturing 企业, the area offers short commutes and a variety of housing 选项.


New housing developments, 公寓, and established neighborhoods make this a diverse section of the city. It’s home to McConnell Air Force Base and several large manufacturing 企业.


A multitude of growing communities surround Wichita. Life in the suburbs puts you near outdoor recreation, 县公园, and miles of bike paths with convenient access to city 设施 and that sought-after peace and quiet.

Regional 社区

The Greater Wichita region has numerous communities with great 设施 and an unmatched small-town feel. Houses of all shapes and 大小 can be found in the 10-county region, including classic homes to new builds. Each community has its own unique flare with unique local 商店, 餐厅, 景点, 和行业.

Learn more about each regional community in the 区域快照.


Outside of Wichita’s suburbs, you’ll find beautiful country living, all within a 20-minute drive of Wichita’s urban core.


  • Discover the overall low 的生活成本 and high-quality 设施 found in Greater Wichita.
  • Catch a glimpse at the high 的生活质量 found in the Wichita region.
  • Take a mini tour of the area’s affordable and diverse 住房 选项.

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