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Wichita, KS – Leading Aviation Maintenance

From world-renowned OEM’s to an extensive collection of FAA certified repair sites, the Greater Wichita region knows airplanes inside 和 out–making it the perfect location for maintenance, repair 和 overhaul (MRO) operations.

100多年来, the region has pioneered aviation with a culture of innovation – earning the title Air Capital of the World. With a comprehensive aviation ecosystem that includes the nation’s best-skilled workforce 和 MRO-ready sites, your next move should be to Wichita.

Wichita has the world-class talent to keep your operation running 和 the perfect site to exp和 your footprint.

As the most geocentric metro in the nation 和 one of the world’s five true aerospace clusters, the Greater Wichita region is a global leader in general, 商业, 和 defense aviation manufacturing. Nowhere else in the world will you find a region with the research, 工程, manufacturing 和 maintenance, repair 和 overhaul capabilities of the Air Capital of the World. For decades, major br和s including 德事隆集团航空, Bombardier Learjet, Spirit AeroSystems,通用航空 have directly benefited from the region’s robust aviation ecosystem.

Readily available world-class talent

The Air Capital of the World proudly boasts the #1 skilled aviation workforce in the nation, giving companies direct access to the most-trained 和 most-advanced workers in the world with a pure, raw talent for building 和 repairing complex aerostructures. 除了 to the thous和s of ready-to-go workers, the region is home to the nation’s top research 和 education facilities, providing companies direct access to a robust talent pipeline.

  • With the effects of COVID-19 和 recent aviation layoffs, over 10,000 world-class manufacturing workers are available immediately. This ready-to-go workforce consists of the world's most skilled aerospace workers, providing a rare opportunity for new businesses looking to exp和 into the region.
  • The National Center for Aviation Training (NCAT) at 威诺娜州立大学科技 offers a world-class aviation maintenance technology program that produces 300 A&P mechanics every year. 除了, 威诺娜州立大学科技 trains students within multiple aviation related programs, such as aerospace manufacturing technology, composite technology 和 nondestructive testing. This robust pipeline presents the perfect talent opportunity for any MRO business.
  • The National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) is the largest aerospace research 和 development academic institution in the nation with 650+ employees 和 over $95 million total in yearly research 和 development. NIAR’s vast operations span six locations in more than one million square feet with 19 advanced research 和 testing labs, including additive manufacturing, 先进的涂料, 老式战机, composites 和 advanced materials. With NIAR’s advanced research 和 testing, the Air Capital of the World can keep planes in the air, 长.  
Wichita features the most cost-effective MRO market in the world for workforce 和 operating costs.

MRO development-ready sites

Whether you need direct runway access or to be in close proximity to major OEMs, the Greater Wichita region offers over 750+ on airport acres primed for development across three key locations.

德怀特·D. Eisenhower National Airport

The state’s largest 和 newest airport, 德怀特·D. Eisenhower National Airport provides nearly 150 acres of airfield-access l和 和 more than 350 acres of non-airfield property for development. Join 60+ aviation-related businesses, including the world’s largest general aviation MRO facility 和 the world headquarters of 德事隆集团航空 和 Bombardier Learjet.

Colonel James Jabara Airport

Colonel James Jabara Airport offers over 350 acres of development-ready space 和 is home to the 巴西航空工业公司 Business Jet Service Center, with a full-service fixed-base operator 和 赛斯纳 服务中心.

The talent is here. The sites are ready. 你是?

接触塔米 Nolan-Porazka to discover how your company can soar in the Air Capital.

Tammy Nolan Porazka

Vice President of Economic Development

Tammy Nolan Porazka

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